Mobilize Your Business Intelligence.

Our PS Companion™ application moves your CRM, marketing, sales, or internal operation processes from your IT enterprise to a custom, branded mobile solution. Connected to a secure cloud data source, your team can engage, share, and create content, all synched via Wi-Fi or mobile so users always have the most up-to-date materials. Content is stored on the user's device for offline access.

Current Use Cases - Find Your Vertical




The Challenge: Fashion moves fast in the world of Oakley. To stay ahead of the competition, Oakley needed an enterprise marketing solution that could keep up.

The Solution: The Oakley Companion™ enterprise marketing app was designed to streamline complex internal processes. Users now create presentations and agendas on the fly. Employees have instant access to the latest Oakley news, events, and product developments. Custom designed to reflect Oakley's unique and adventurous lifestyle brand.





The Challenge: Mercedes takes pride in “leading through innovation,” and they needed an innovative, enterprise sales and employee tool to match. This process was extended to the mobile space with the support of PocketScience.

The Solution: The Mercedes Companion™ app delivers it all, branded with the German auto maker’s legendary style. It modernized the way future owners could explore every aspect of the latest models. Sales people have instant access to the most up to date vehicle information and inventory. The PS Companion training tool delivers a dynamic experience employees use to learn about Mercedes’ legacy and future innovations.





The Challenge: Like many other athletic companies, Reebok relied heavily on large, printed pamphlets as their only sales tools. They needed to get into the digital age. And fast.

The Solution: For a high-profile company like Reebok, the brand and branding itself is everything. PocketScience designed and developed the Reebok PS Companion™ retail sales app, which puts every product in the hands of sales people on the retail floor, customized to mirror Reebok’s look and feel. The app features a dynamic interface so the entire product line – shoes, apparel, and accessories - come to life in photos, videos, and descriptions. Synched from the Box platform, every sales person has instant access to the latest athletic fashion from Reebok.


Specialized Modules to Customize Your Mobile Initiative

Along with the support of CRM, ERP, and other third-party platforms such as Box, Salesforce, SAP, and Docusign, PS Companion™ offers specialized modules to further empower your mobile workforce.

Let us build YOUR Companion™

Create your Custom Design

Our design team works from your branding guidelines to create a unique mobile interface, customized to reflect your company’s own look and feel.

Determine CMS Data Source

We support Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Microsoft OneDrive, Internal private cloud (e.g.: WebDav) or a custom solution provided by PocketScience.

Determine App Distribution

We deliver your Companion app using your preferred distribution service: through a secure internal app source, the public app store, along with a variety of distribution methods and maintenance packages.