The Challenge: It began with the University of Vienna’s research in fighting diseases such as cancer and Alzheimers. Through a partnership with Samsung, and with a connection to the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC), the goal was to design a powerful mobile app with enough processing power to perform scientific research while patients or users sleep.

The Solution: PocketScience developed the simple to use, Webby award-winning Power Sleep app. When set with an alarm, the app synchs with the university’s Similarity Matrix of Proteins (SIMAP) database. Researcher can now decipher protein sequences to further medical advancements in the areas genetics and heredity, biochemistry, molecular biology, and cancer research. Power Sleep allows users “to become part of the project and, at the same time, to do good in their sleep.” - all with a simple to use mobile app developed by PocketScience.





Key Challenge: Anheuser Busch's goal was to provide a digital resource for their employees, associates, and partners that enabled easy, anytime access to mission critical information.

Solution: The Anheuser Busch Ambassador Mobile App enables employees to share helpful facts about products, learn more about the company and its partners, and read stories about co-workers and the company’s history. The result was a network of engaged and loyal AB Ambassadors that expressed pride in their work with a sense of fun, gaining a deeper knowledge of Anheuser Busch's culture of building healthy, sustainable communities.





The Challenge: Red Bull is known as one of the world’s leading brand innovators, aligning their identity and products with the world of sports, adventure, music, and entertainment. In 2011, Red Bull saw the rise of smartphone users and knew Red Bull TV had to be there to meet them.

The Solution: PocketScience pioneered SVOD and live streaming for mobile with the introduction of the Red Bull TV app. Since then, mobile users have enjoyed exclusive access to behind-the-scenes action, amazing sporting, music festivals, cultural events, and all adventure, excitement, and sheer fun that is the Red Bull brand.

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The Challenge: Traveling is a wonderful experience. OBB’s goal was to make the booking of train and overland bus travel be just as wonderful. It involved many moving parts and multiple teams, but PocketScience embraced the challenge.

The Solution: Today’s enterprise OBB App enables modern travelers to access every route and schedule available in real time, booking and paying for their ticket easily and within minutes. As an additional product provided by PocketScience, train conductors scan a traveler’s mobile device equipped with the app, enabling access to the reserved room or seat. Once there, passengers can enjoy streaming live and on demand shows from the app. Train travel as it should be. .

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The Challenge: LexisNexis has a reputation as the go-to News Monitor service law firms, corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions turn to. It was time for a new chapter, to make this plethora of information more engaging and designed for today’s mobile users.

The Solution: PocketScience delivered the LexisNexis enterprise mobile application, enabling users to access up-to-the-minute news and a wealth of business insights, all synched in real-time through the Box platform. PocketScience pioneered a new mobile UX interface that offered easier browsing of content, intuitive navigation, video features, and saving capabilities; features that today's mobile users demand. .

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The Challenge: For a product manufacturer with worldwide distribution, having an online collaboration platform between the manufacturer and their dealers is a key component of a successful retail relationship. Oakley knew this and turned to PocketScience for their new website, designed to support their vast network of dealer partners.

The Solution: The Oakley business-to-business website provides their dealer partners with anytime, anywhere access to the latest line of Oakley lifestyle products, a full online catalog complete with specifications and manufacturing options, pricing and lead time details. Access to Oakley photos, videos, global research and events enables collaborative advertising and marketing opportunities. From district and regional managers all the way to the floor sales staff, Oakley dealers have what they need to stay ahead of consumer demand. .