PocketScience is the preferred partner for the leading companies in healthcare, technology, retail, automotive, athletics, and entertainment companies in the world.
We begin our partner relationship by listening: reviewing your business goals, objectives, and unique set of system variables, which includes an analysis of existing business processes. Next is to build the approach; a set of requirements and plans that bring the two sides together, designed to support an ongoing engagement strategy.



At PocketScience we respect our clients’ budget and timelines. The process of design and prototyping ensures money and time are well spent by fine-tuning and testing the initial designs and prototypes before going into full development mode. Our team tests and iterates until we arrive at a final front-end and back-end design and development plan, approved by the client. One that is aligned with the goals and objectives of the project, ensures that the user interface expectation is met, and the back-end processes are in line.



Our certified, creative, and code-loving engineers and designers specialize in developing custom mobile and enterprise cloud solutions. The PocketScience team has a deep understanding of how to take multi-layered business processes, large data structures, and enterprise architectures to develop flowing, intuitive, and seamless digital experiences for our clients and their users. PocketScience’s team are seasoned experts on the latest development languages and platforms for enterprise and mobile, including iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and OTT platforms (Apple TV, smart TV, Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation).



Chris Barrett

Chief Executive Officer

Jürgen Falb

Chief Technology Officer

Philipp Kinschel

Director of Web and Mobile

Alexander Stickelberger

Visionary and Founder

The PocketScience team is made up of over 50 people with a wide array of technical skill sets and business acumen, ranging from UI/UX design, multi-language programming, development, and mobile enterprise systems, to technical training and support, and project management. Our mobile applications and web solutions have received industry recognitions and awards, and we’re proud of our growing list of successful and highly satisfied clients, including Fortune 500 companies from around the globe.